Friday, December 28, 2012

Gearing up for Geometry!

(Before I get this party started, I want to acknowledge that yes I have a new blog design!!! I think it is pretty awesome for my first real attempt!

And now down to business:

When my kiddoroos and I return to school next week we will begin our geometry unit! 

I love how in second grade geometry is still fun. I am sad that they will all go to high school one day where they will learn to hate it. But for now, it is all geoboards, toothpicks, and marshmallows. :) 

Anyway, here is what I found when I was searching for resources: 

 Quadrilateral Cut & Sort (Free on TPT):

Interactive Polygon Matching Game on Math Playground:

Fun with Frogs and Fractions Unit: 
(This meets standard 2.G.3, and is TOTALLY FREE!)
And YES I know the standard is technically a geometry strand but fun with frogs and geometry didn't sound as fun!

My Geometry Chart from Last Year 
(I know I laminated it but I think I can do so much better so I'm making a new one, besides the only photo I have is pink.)

Do you have any awesome geometry resources to share? I would love to see them!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012's Best and Brightest at SGMM

I'm linking up with Christina over at Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge to show off my best and brightest from the past year. 

Best POST: Missing Addends and Currently 
(When you SEE this post, you're going to wonder why the heck it was so popular, I am asking myself the same question my friend, but the facts are that it was number 1 for hits AND searches!)
The product I am most proud of this year, hands down, is my Take Home Math Kits for Students and Their Families Set.

Fun with Frogs and Fractions contains everything you need to meet CCSS 2.G.3. 

Brightest IDEA: 
Second Grade Freebies has helped me connect with other second grade teachers AND get lots of freebies for my own students. 

Okay, no this post isn't finished but Brandon wants to go spend his Lowe's gift card. I can see the smoke burning a hole in his wallet. I need to post SOMETHING, so this is it. :)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Welcome Winter Sale!!!

If we all live past tomorrow, winter will officially be in season.  To celebrate I am throwing a SALE at my TPT store!  But the BEST part is that MANY other bloggers are joining up with me!

 (Graphics Shout Outs: KPMDoodles, Print Candee)

If you want to join in the fun link up your store, and don't forget to share this on your blog, and this is a blog hop! :) 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Some words, when there are none.

My heart hurts today. I can't seem to shake the tears or the aching in my gut. The unthinkable happened to some of our own and their precious loves.

Yesterday I was at my track out job and talk of yesterdays tragedy was in the air. One person in particular kept doing walk by updates to give us the "facts." It almost sent me over the edge. I had to step outside several times to compose myself so that I wouldn't break down and cry. If I had broken down I would have been met with sympathy, but I didn't feel as safe as I would have with my school family, or my blogging family for that matter. They wouldn't  have understood.

I considered asking to go home so that I could crawl into my bed and grieve.

Instead I had a party to attend. So I put on a happy face, but my insides were churning.

I had always believed that a domestic dispute would be our greatest threat, or like 2 years ago whena nearby home was robbed and the intruder went on foot.

We hid at the front of the room, put black paper over the door. One of my students said that he had a black belt and would like to take on the bad guy.  I was mad because two of my boys wouldn't stop giggling, but I wasn't concerned for their safety, only ill because they weren't following directions.

Now I have a new set of fears.

I am sad, sorrowful, hurting.

But I am also angry, enraged, irate.

Tomorrow I will be silent. But under the surface I am heartbroken and raging.

And when I return to school in January, I will hug my 22 rays of sunshine and value the time we have together to laugh, and learn, and love one another.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Facebook Flash Giveaway . . . In Progress!

I'm hosting a flash giveaway on my Facebook page right now! The hints were given to blog followers yesterday! Click on over to enter!

That is all. :)

UPDATE: Congrats Sara from Miss. V's Busy Bees! It pays to follow! :) 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Facebook Flash Giveaway . . . . Sneak Peek!

Hello Faithful Followers! 

Just an FYI, I will be hosting a Facebook flash giveaway tomorrow night at 9:30pm EST for one of my new products! 

I know that might be kind of late for some of you but I will be at a math training tomorrow evening. (I know, surprise, surprise right?)

Here are a few hints: 

And be sure to follow me on Facebook so that you have the opportunity to win! :)

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Holiday Freebie Linky Party!!

So I am officially tracked out so my kiddos won't really get to participate in all of the holiday hoopla but there is absolutely no reason why the rest of you shouldn't!

 I am sharing my BRAND NEW Holiday Number Forms Matching Game! Download for FREE from my TPT store today. 

Now you should go link up. Share a freebie. It doesn't even have to be your own. :) 

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