Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Facebook Flash Giveaway . . . A Hint for Blog Readers

Just a reminder for my blogger friends I will be hosting a flash giveaway tonight on Facebook at 8:00pm EST  . . . it is for something pretty awesome!!

 AND this post contains a hint . .
 . . (psst . . . look below!)

Cyber Monday Continues and Facebook Flash Giveaway Scoop!

Good Morning Bright Eyed Busy Tailed Teachers! 

Okay . . . so I'm a morning person for this week only because I am tracking out on Friday! 

I just wanted to remind you about the sale (today is the last day!) 

Yesterday I posted about the goodness that I scored. :)

And here is a hint for my blogger friends, I will be hosting a flash giveaway tonight on Facebook at 8:00pm EST . . . so if you aren't already following me over there you need to head over there so that you can win big tonight! :)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday AWESOMENESS, Best Seller, and Favorite

So the goal for this sale is to make more moolah than I spend . . . but it's going to be really hard . . . I'm being honest here. Here is what I scored today: 

(And just FYI, all the images on this post are also links)

AND . . . I am also participating in a linky party from I Want To Be A Super Teacher and showing off my best seller, my Math Story Problem Task Cards for Second Graders!

BUT . . . My Bestselling Product is NOT my Favorite and I want to share that with you as well. . . . check out my Take Home Math Kits for Students and Their Families. Hands down, this is the best set I ever made that took me 17,000 years to finish. :) 

Happy Shopping All!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Sale! Sale! Sale! TN AND TPT!!

Just FYI: 

Tomorrow everything on my TN store goes on sale for 20% off. ANDyou will get an additional 10% from TN!! The sale last Saturday - Monday. 

AND . . . on Monday and Tuesday I am participating in the TPT Sale. If you enter the code CMT12 you will get a total of 28% off at checkout!!

( Special thanks to Michelle from The 3am Teacher for making this fabulous button!)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bee Keeping and Where I Belong

Those of you who know me personally will remember that during the first three weeks of school this year I was ranting about quitting teaching and becoming a bee keeper.

I know this might sound crazy, but I was half serious.

Here is a sample of my imagined daily schedule: 

10:30am - Wake Up
12:30pm - Eat 
1:30pm - Check on Bees
3:30pm - Harvest Honey
4:30 pm - Put Honey in Jars
5:30 pm - Eat
6:30 pm - Watch Friends on DVD and eat Miniature Twix
9:30 pm - Go to Bed

And on Saturday I would go to the farmer's market to sell my honey. 

Today I put my bizzaro dream to rest as I was forced to acknowledge that where I am is EXACTLY where I belong

My personal gifts are intended specifically for these students. It is so difficult to keep that in mind each day as the other "stuff" gets in the way.

Thank you God for taking the time to effectively slap me upside the head. . . . again . . . :) 

Maybe I can still be a recreational bee keeper . . .

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Don't Mind Me . . . Just a Little Advertising!

I just updated my Story Problem Task Cards for November to include a total of 24 multiple choice questions as well as an answer key. 

Formerly there were just 12 (yes, I know, lame Casey, very lame)! The price remains the same ($1.00) the quality has doubled!

Also, check out my Hundreds Board Color by Number Mystery Puzzles for November, also available at my TPT store. 
(Don't you DARE laugh at my turkey, this was my 6th attempt!)

 AND . . . just in case you own the October Story Problem set, please know that I am slaving away to add to that set as well. . . . so check your TPT inbox within the next few days to re download!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Don't worry Mama, I'll even pick my own switch this time . . .

After what I believed to be a roller coaster of a day, I have been reminded (yet again) that the earthshaking changes in my life that are causing me to lose sleep and are making me sweat, are really just minor annoyances. 

Just flies in the kitchen really.

I did not play well with others today. And when given an ear, I took advantage and had a big ol' glass of whine.

(If you are reading and happened to be caught in my whine storm or got your head bitten off, I apologize) 
I just hate that there wasn't anyone to knock me out and tell me to shut-up. 

God tried to interfere this morning at 9:30, but apparently one kick in the pants is not enough for me.

It finally took several pieces of news media that I came across this evening to really take me down a notch. I won't link anyone up, but several things happened in the world today (both local to me and afar)  that bring tears to my eyes, make me clinch my toes, and make me want to make a mad dash for the john all at the same time. 

So I'm just putting this out there into the universe:

Have you thought about how blessed you really are?

I am. 

Oh, I SO am.  

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Take a Peek and Free For You!

I am FINALLY finished with these: 
YES! There are 24 games in this kit that are ready to be used as Take Home Math Kits OR as games to use as reinforcement in your classroom. 

Most of the games meet CCSS for Second Grade, but a few are just for fun! :)

AND . . . here is one of these games from this kit . . . FREE for you to try! Click here to download from TPT. 

Enjoy your Sunday everyone . . . exciting things are happening with my day, exciting things indeed . . .  
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