Sunday, July 28, 2013

Addition Equation Search Freebie

I will be using this next week in my classroom for early finishers. 

Click here or on the image below to download in Google Docs.

Enjoy! :)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Second Grade Facebook Freebie Hop!!

I'm participating in a Facebook Freebie Blog Hop today and tomorrow along with many other second grade bloggers!

Head on over to my Facebook page to grab my freebie! Simply click on this button and look for the matching button when you get there: 

Then head over to Tori's Teacher Tips on Facebook to see who else is participating! :) 

Happy Hopping!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mystery Box Giveaway for July!!!!

Here we go again!

Up to no good.

Sending super fun snail mail. ($30 worth.)

And fabulous digital products. ($30 worth.)

To one lucky U.S. Resident winn-uh, winn-uh, chicken dinn-uh!




July Edition.

You can enter by visiting, following and commenting on each of the above blogs and then filling out your rafflecopter entries.

U.S. Residents only, please.

Will YOUR name be filled in for July's Mystery Box???

What's inside the box???

Let's just say...kuh-yewt and happy! Practical, a fun sort of way!'ll have to wait until the big reveal...

Good luck!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mystery Box Giveaway: June Reveal Post!

The snail mail Mystery Box has arrived! 

BIG Congrats again to Amber for being our June Mystery Box winner.
Time for the BIG reveal...

While Amber was patiently waiting, we each sent her some goodies from our TpT Shops. 
Here's the June Mystery Box goodies unveiled.  
So what was inside?
From top left to bottom right here's what she won!
~Quaker Real Medleys Peach Almond Oatmeal ~ 
Every teacher needs a good breakfast and these are great on the go morning meals. 

~Reusable Shopping Bag ~ 
Can never have too many cute bags. 

~Arbonne After Sun Lotion ~ 
Soak up those rays Amber

~PaperMate Flair Pens ~ 
If you haven't tried're welcome. They are a must have!

~Pick Your Plum Chevron Infinity Scarf ~ 
Do you know Pick Your Plum? If not, you've got to check them out. Daily deals on the cutest stuff! 
Who doesn't love some fun, fresh summer nail polish and a polka dot emery board too?

"Some People Look for a Beautiful Place. Others Make a Place Beautiful" notepad mousepad. We just loved the words. 

And, of course a container of EOS lip balm...a summer fave!
So, there you have it! 
A whole lot of summer goodness in a cute little box!
Super happy for our winners, but wanting another chance?
Don't worry. 
We're not done yet...This is too fun!

Be sure to check back sometime very soon (It's a mystery you know?) for July's Mystery Box Giveaway hosted by another one of  these sensational bloggers.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Made it Monday - Math Group Management Chart

I know many of you saw this awesomeness floating around Pinterest and Facebook this past weekend: 

I saw it and IMMEDIATELY whipped these up!

The idea is SO simple! You just add clothespins with the names of your students. This is PERFECT for flexible grouping. 

They match my classroom theme, and you can have them too! Click here or on the image above to download for yourself from Google Docs. :) 

Now head on over to 4th Grade Frolics to see some other cool stuff! 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth . . . A little piece of my soul, Currently

Happy Fourth of July friends! 

For the past couple of years on the Fourth I have done one of my FAVORITE things.

My BFF and I went to see the local Mudcats. 

But it is not the baseball I am after, in fact, in the past I have purposely arrived late so that I didn't have to watch the game.

I really actually can't stand baseball. I get SOOOO bored. 

So why do I bother you ask???

I go for the fireworks! They have REALLY awesome fireworks. 

That being said, this year I am celebrating a little differently and I will be helping my brother move to a new house. So while I will be missing my fireworks celebration, I love my brother and I am excited about what this move means for him and my sister-in-law. :) 

This leads to my July currently: 

Tips, Tricks, and Hints: This month Farley asked us to share blogging advice. ...

I want you to think of your favorite blogger . . . . . okay do you have them in mind??? 

Okay .. .  now think of some reasons why they are your favorite????

How many of you said because they sell awesome products at their TPT store???

I hope that most of you thought about a personality trait that connects the two of you, or a special story that touched your heart. 

I know that my favorite blogger shares a little piece of her soul over and over again and I just fall more and more in love with her and her blog. 

So my advice to you is to be more human, less advertising executive. :)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Back to School for Me! All About YOU Bag Freebie!

It's that time of year again! You know, the time of year when I go back to school and most of you enjoy your time by the pools, by the oceans, by the lakes, and by the puddles. 

Let's face it, when school is out for the summer you could probably enjoy your time pretty much anywhere. 

Even by the giant ceramic kickapoo at your mother in laws house.

And I have to stop reading your blogs because your all like "My husband and I cannot decide, Atlantis or Jamaica?!" OR "I just spent 6 hours contemplating whether or not to get up for a snack."

And I'm all like "I can't wait until September so I can go to the bathroom again." 

All in all, though, I love my year round schedule. :) 

So now that you understand why I'm in back to school mode, I am sharing my new and improved All About YOU Bag Freebie

Simply print, cut, and attach these bad boys to a brown paper bag and you have instant first week homework.

The instructions say that they will bring them home on Friday because I try to use them each day throughout the week. Instead of sharing each bag whole group (and dying of boredom) we practice sharing in groups of 2 or 3.

We switch up the groups each day until everyone has met all of our classmates. It is easy to break the ice when you have a little bag of home. :) 

(Super cute kid clip art from Ashley Hughes - The School Supply Addict Font: KG Be Still and Know)
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