Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Back to School for Me! All About YOU Bag Freebie!

It's that time of year again! You know, the time of year when I go back to school and most of you enjoy your time by the pools, by the oceans, by the lakes, and by the puddles. 

Let's face it, when school is out for the summer you could probably enjoy your time pretty much anywhere. 

Even by the giant ceramic kickapoo at your mother in laws house.

And I have to stop reading your blogs because your all like "My husband and I cannot decide, Atlantis or Jamaica?!" OR "I just spent 6 hours contemplating whether or not to get up for a snack."

And I'm all like "I can't wait until September so I can go to the bathroom again." 

All in all, though, I love my year round schedule. :) 

So now that you understand why I'm in back to school mode, I am sharing my new and improved All About YOU Bag Freebie

Simply print, cut, and attach these bad boys to a brown paper bag and you have instant first week homework.

The instructions say that they will bring them home on Friday because I try to use them each day throughout the week. Instead of sharing each bag whole group (and dying of boredom) we practice sharing in groups of 2 or 3.

We switch up the groups each day until everyone has met all of our classmates. It is easy to break the ice when you have a little bag of home. :) 

(Super cute kid clip art from Ashley Hughes - The School Supply Addict Font: KG Be Still and Know)


  1. I LOVE the idea of sharing in small groups...nothing worse than sitting thru 25 presentations where each kid says, "Um...and this is a Hot Wheels because I like HOt Wheels."

    Thanks for the great tip!

  2. Very cute idea! I am sorry you have to go back to school so soon! I have heard that a lot of people who teach year around love it! Good luck on your first couple of days back!

  3. Casey,
    These are a great alternative to the all about me posters! I can't wait to use them in August when our school begins. Thanks for offering them as a freeby.

  4. I used to teach year round....loved it! But the stress of inner-city was wiping me out. I wish I could go back to that schedule!

    Charts N Chit Chat: Best Practices 4 Teaching

  5. I read your blog post about holidays and learning to go to the toilet again in September and I laughed! I also would've sworn you were an Aussie because I'm in the same boat! Back to school for term 3 of 4 on Monday, then 11 weeks later its another 2 week break before we go back for another 10 weeks! :)

    It makes me so jealous reading of everyones relaxing looonnggg holidays but keeps me going when I'm not on break!

    Liz - BaysideMathTeacher

  6. Thanks for the freebie. I'm definitely using this when I return to school. I'm new to blogging. Would love for you to come check me out. Teaching with Giggles


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