Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Home/School Connections with Math Games!

One question that I am asked over and over again by parents is "How can I help my child at home?" Sometimes I am hesitant to answer this question, because I know that kids need a break from school. I don't like to think about my little green beans slaving away at the kitchen table until well after dark.

With all of these things in mind, I created my Take Home Math Kits for Grades 1-2. These games provide a great way for parents to stay involved. And, instead of feeling like their being given additional work, kids are excited about the extra practice.

This month several other bloggers tested my kits out in their own classrooms or in their homes. Click on any of the links in the link up below to see how you can use Take Home Math Kits in your at in your school or home classrooms. 

You can purchase Take Home Math Kits for Grades 1-2 at my TPT store. They are on sale from now (4/30) until Saturday (5/3).

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mystery Box April! Tieks Giveaway!

Happy SPRING, friends! This month is a very exciting month for us Mystery Box gals. We've joined forces with two more our favorite bloggy buddies just in time for some Mystery Box 2014 fun.

And speaking of fun, are you as ready for summer as we are?

 We're in the home stretch now friends -- and to celebrate we've got a Mystery Box that will knock your *socks* off (Pun intended).

 And if we may say so ourselves, this month's Mystery Box is fabulous!

 So very fabulous, in fact, that we can't quite keep this box a total mystery.

But we promise (cross our hearts) that you'll love it just the same.
Yes, loves! You saw that right! This month's Mystery Box features the amazing and fabulous Tieks!
Can you even believe it? We know you can't. But it's true! 
Our Mystery Box grand prize winner will be the lucky
recipient of our...


April Mystery Box!
Inside the grand prize Mystery Box, you'll be excited to find...

Wha what?? Yes friends!! A $200 gift card to spend at Tieks on that pair of ballet flats you've been thinking obsessing about for months!

(We promise to include a couple of other great teacher things, too, which *will* remain a mystery.  Because that's how we roll.)

  But there's more to it than an incredibly fabulous teacher-coveted pair of shoes!
Click any certificate below to visit their TpT Store.

Slide20 Slide19

****But wait!!****

This month we will have TWO runner ups! Yes, friends. That's right!

Each runner up will win...

Yes!! We're giving away TWO more Tieks gift cards -- each for $100!

You're thinking, "Are you kidding us?"


We never kid about shoes.

That means there are a total of THREE Tieks gift cards ripe for the picking!

And of course, each runner up also wins a totally fabulous product bundle, like always.

$7 gift cert.
Last month's box

The lucky winner selected a year's subscription to Reading A-Z and a year's subscription to Vocabulary A-Z, as well as $10 in digital goodies from each of our bloggers.

When her box came in the mail, this is what was inside...

A happy, happy plate that just sings Spring from the tree tops!!
A matching spreader...
Black, white & pink damask bag with a matching coin pouch....

Are *you* ready for a chance to win in three easy steps? US residents only please.

                                  1. Follow
                                  2. Comment
                                  3. Rafflecopter



So here's your monthly question...

(Besides everywhere!)

Feel free to copy and paste your answer to the question above in the comment section on each blog. There is no need to retype every time. Please follow each blog while you are hopping through. 

     1  34

Ready to enter?


Friday, April 25, 2014

Movement & Math with GoNoodle!

Over the past few weeks I have been testing a fun new brain break resource with my kiddos. It is called GoNoodle, and my kids are loving it!

We have been using GoNoodle to get out our wiggles, review math concepts, and also to focus and relax. Yes, it really is that dymanic.

I created a free account, and from our home screen we were able to select our own little Noodle Champ to encourage us along the way. Our gauge on the side also goes up as we spend more and more time on GoNoodle. They love seeing it move up, up, up!

The activity my kids enjoy the most are the Zumba Kids dance breaks. These dances are perfect way to get out a lot of energy quickly, they last about 3 minutes. I have used Zumba Kids as an incentive to get my kiddos to pack up quickly and clean our classroom in the afternoon.They have never cleaned so quickly or so well! :)

Another new tool in my bag of tricks are all of the calming activites. One of the calming activities, Air Time, ties in with our current unit on maps! Students engage in deep  breathing while a bubble travels across the US.

Today we traveled to Kitty Hawk, NC! I love the Social Studies connection with this activity. Below is the post card we received when we were done traveling.

The free features on GoNoodle are pretty cool, but I would also recommend heading over to the Primary Chalkboard for an opportunity to win an upgrade to a GoNoodle Plus account. GoNoodle Plus includes fun things like Mega Math Marathon! 

So let's recap!

1. GoNoodle is a great site that can help kids relax and also release energy.
2. There are tons of activities available for FREE from GoNoodle. You can sign up for a free account by clicking here.
3. You can win an upgraded account from Primary Chalkboard by clicking here

Any questions? Just leave a comment below. :)

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