Sunday, November 11, 2012

Don't Mind Me . . . Just a Little Advertising!

I just updated my Story Problem Task Cards for November to include a total of 24 multiple choice questions as well as an answer key. 

Formerly there were just 12 (yes, I know, lame Casey, very lame)! The price remains the same ($1.00) the quality has doubled!

Also, check out my Hundreds Board Color by Number Mystery Puzzles for November, also available at my TPT store. 
(Don't you DARE laugh at my turkey, this was my 6th attempt!)

 AND . . . just in case you own the October Story Problem set, please know that I am slaving away to add to that set as well. . . . so check your TPT inbox within the next few days to re download!


  1. You're so great at those Mystery pictures!! Love them, Casey! I bet a TON of people will "gobble" those up in the coming weeks!! :)

    Second Grade Sparkle

  2. Great job Casey! I love using those 100's chart with the mystery pics. Those are my kids favorites! Have a great turkey day!
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After


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