Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wanted: Math Assessments

Dear Comrades in the Classroom,

Okay, I need some help. This year our district has eliminated our quarterly assessments in math and implemented two standardized test as a replacement. 

The quarterly assessments gave me a goal line for all of my kiddos and these new assessments are so foreign to me that I am not even sure that what I am teaching will help my kids. 

Currently my grade level team is pulling resources from everywhere. One of these resources is Jamie Rector's Common Core Math Assessments. They have been really helpful, but we need something more. 

I know that many of you haven't even started school yet, but I am in week 7, about to write report cards and losing my mind. 

Does anyone have any great resources for Common Core Math Assessments within their states or counties? We need some things broken down by standard. But, I don't really want to buy anything else. Do you have links to share?

We are also struggling to find good quarterly assessments for reading. (We have never had any of these besides running records, but now that we are doing standardized testing in second grade we need some resources!) Any suggestions with reading assessments would be welcome as well. 

Help me please. 

Pretty please. 

Seriously, we are S-T-R-U-G-G-L-I-N-G!


Sergeant Maniac

Here is a cute picture of a puppy to reward you for your time here. :)


  1. I hope someone can help. Just came across your blog and it is fantastic!

  2. Our school went to standards based report card so we are having to make lots of assessments. I am working on common core assessments for math to put on TPT. They are almost finished. Hope to have them on TPT on Sunday. What standard do you need? If I have time, I could make a few for you. I have a fractions assessment made up that is not common core that I could e-mail to you. I know that won't help you for the standards you are teaching now. Let me know and hopefully I can help you out.


    Smiling and Shining in Second Grade

  3. Hey Casey! Here's a link a for ya:

    Hope it helps :)

    The Learning Tree

  4. Hi there!
    My grade level is using Case 21 for common assessments. Need me to send you some?
    My Second Sense


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