Monday, March 4, 2013

It's NOT all roses and BHG, Currently, and March Story Problems

Just to fill you in, at the end of February I bought my first home and I have been completely consumed with making it awesome.

 And I've been dealing with the reality that, yes, Casey, your house is going to look like a garage sale for a while and not like the cover of Better Homes and Gardens. 

I think that Charlie has been trying to help me deal with this reality by doing this:

I considered putting him outside. . . . permanently. He hates it outside. In fact, he has never been brave enough to leave the front hall. . . . but then he did this:

And then he did his meow that sounds like "Mommy." 

Now we are in love again. I'm easy.

(Once again, thank you Farley for the monthly opportunity to link up and meet new people!)

And when my fiance finds the carpet, I may need to start building a dog house for Charlie. 

While you think about dog house designs for cats. . . . head on over to my TPT store to grab my latest set of Story Problem Task Cards for March.



  1. Ooh, congrats on your new house!! That is so exciting. My husband and I bought our first home at this time last year, and it was the best thing we've ever purchased. :) Good luck with all the decorating -- it's so much fun!

    ~Mrs. K. from The Teacher Garden Blog

  2. Congratulations on your new house! That is such an exciting time!

    And, wow...silence. That is golden!

    The Bomb-Diggity Classroom

  3. Congratulations on your house! It looks very cute:) Have fun decorating it and making it your own! I bought a condo on my own 2.5 years ago and am so happy! I will definitely have to purchase your March cards as my kids (and I) really liked your February cards! :)
    Primary Classrooms are Oceans of Fun

  4. Congratulations on your new house! I have been searching for about a year now... can't wait for the search to be over! Happy decorating!

    EduKate and Inspire

  5. haha! I totally get the garage sale thing..we're selling our house and getting it all ready to sell was a disaster! Thank goodness that part is over... just now we have to close, move into an apartment while the new house is being built..aaahhhhh!! Stress city!
    Rowdy in Room 300

  6. Congrats on your house. It is super cute!

    Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

  7. My cat thought she needed to christen my house and it was just the one cat so after many chances they both got a new place outside and they are happier. Good luck!

  8. Your house is adorable!!

    Pencils, Books, and Dirty Looks

  9. Congrats on being a home owner. I hate chumps too. :)


  10. I love your house! It looks like the cover of a magazine to me!

  11. Oh, sweet friend!!! Your house is so cute! And kitty is so considerate of your feelings -- what a sweet guy! I literally chuckled out loud when you said he said mommy. I know that sound! Meow meow!!

    Happy Tuesday!

    Second Grade Sparkle

  12. Thanks for stopping by. I'm so glad you found your dream home. I'm still waiting for mine. =). Your house looks beautiful from the outside. I hope you keep us posted with more pics!

    Just Wild About Teaching

  13. Yay for the kitty buddy - but not for the carpet. I'm sure he's sorry about that... way, deep, down inside. :) Miss you, friend!
    Hello Mrs Sykes

  14. Your house is adorable! Congrats :) I am your newest follower- I am also a second grade teacher!

    The Open Door Classroom


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