Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Working on Words with a Smile

If you are like me, you sometimes get bogged down trying to plan your literacy block. I use Daily 5 in my classroom and while it is an easy model to follow, I sometimes run out of ideas. (I am a math girl after all.) That is when I turn to my friends. :)
Kate Daniel at Second Grade Sparkle has this SUPER, AWESOME Word Study Mega Pack

I have some kiddos who needed some serious 911 long vowel help. But most long vowel activities are B-O-R-I-N-G! So, in comes Kate's SUPER friendly and fun long vowel sort! 
There is also an answer sheet that goes with it!

AND, I also had some jelly beans who needed help with diphthongs . . . they can SAY and READ all of these words but their spelling was a nightmare . . . like awrownd instead of around . . . seriously. SO  we worked on one of Kate's FABULOUS booklets . . . . 

I have used parts of this set in my daily reading groups and I've even thrown some activities out during word work AND I still haven't even used HALF of this set. It is MEGA. I will DEFINITELY be pulling this out at the beginning of the year next year with my struggling readers and spellers.

This is definately the kind of resource that you would pull out from year to year. 

Click here to check it out at Kate's store. AND . .. while your clicking, check out Kate's blog, Second Grade Sparkle (it's one of my faves).

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