Monday, August 19, 2013

Mystery Box: July Reveal Post!!!

The lucky winner of the July Mystery Box has received her snail mail package!

Guess what it included?

Quantity?? Low...(2 items)

Happiness Factor?? High!!! (thirty-one)

It was all kinds of fun deciding what to put inside for...

Wanna see?

#1....a..... happy-up that name badge.

#2....a... happy-up that lunch-from-home!

personalized with...

And...digitally, check out what Tania received...

Well, are you interested in winning the August Mystery Box??? Make sure you stay tuned so you can win from these folks...
but you won't know who's hosting it 'til ya win!

The July Mystery Box was hosted by...

Wonder who it will be for August?

It's a MYSTERY!!! Come on back SOON!

P.S. Don't forget that the Back to School Sale at TPT is still going on today! :) 


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