Saturday, February 24, 2018

Weekly Recap: George, Wiggle Butt, and HP Symphony

Monday was Presidents' Day! We made these totes ADORBS George Washington Puppets

All of my kiddos were walking around the classroom like: 

"Hi, I'm George!" 

"Nice to meet you George, I'm George" 

It was hysterical. 

We did some other stuff too, like real actual learning, but the puppets were definitely the highlight. 

George Washington Puppet


We had a veterinarian (who also happens to be the sister of one of my teammates!) come and speak to the kiddos about frogs! 

We have been studying rain forests and life cycles and she tied in both. She was amazing and I LOVE that my team has a tradition of providing these kinds of experiences for our students!

On Tuesday night, I watched 2018 American Rescue Dog Show (which the Bae had recorded for me). I laughed, I cried. I have to say my favorite category was Wiggle Butt, but the Best Kisser was pretty cute too! 

Rain forests research continued. Wild cats reign with my kiddos. They are obsessed with jaguars and cougars. I'm obsessed with sloths! 

And we played a Guess My Number partner game in math. It is pretty simple, and we used a 200 chart. Basically, students select a number and give their partner clues until their partner guesses correctly. 

Their favorite part is using a highlighter to select their numbers!

On Thursday my kiddos finally opened up to me about the Parkland shooting. I spent a full week thinking that they were blissfully unaware until we watched a video about Abraham Lincoln. 

One of my littles raised their hand and said "17 kids were assassinated in Florida." From the mouths of babes. 

We spent time reviewing our lockdown procedures instead of proceeding with our math lesson. 

This has been heavy on my heart for a long while . . . but things really hit home for me when my 7 & 8 year old kiddos decided that they needed to practice the procedure for an armed assailant instead of participating math game Thursday . . . . my heart broke. 

Friday at school we had a safety assembly and reviewed all of our school drills and procedures. We also had a fire drill. . . 

Friday night, Hubs & I went to see the HP #2 with the NC Symphony performing the soundtrack. It was AMAZING! We also went to HP#1 and will most definitely be going to the next one!!!  

Happy Weekend Teacher Friends! 

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