Thursday, February 27, 2014

Leprechauns in February!

I adore working in a year round school, but one of the disadvantages is being out for fun holidays . . . like St. Patrick's Day in March!

We get out of school next Friday so I went ahead and got my Math Stations & Journals Prompts for March ready so that my kiddos can enjoy them.

I can now say that these centers have been kid tested, and teacher approved. :) 

There are 7 different centers in this set, but hands down my kiddos have enjoyed the Grab 4 O'Malley's Addition center the best. (I think that they just like my cute little bucket!)

Another favorite was the Paddy's Place Value Cover Up. The kids kept saying "Let's go to BINGO next!" I didn't bother correcting them, why let them know they are actually learning and not just playing a fun game?

They also enjoyed skip-counting by 5's & 10's within 1000 at Shamrock Skip Counting. It was fun to see how EASY it was for them. My little green beans have grown SO much this year!

My Math Stations & Journal Prompts for March are on sale this week as part of the TPT 3 Million Strong Sale. All of the other products in my store are on sale as well. Be sure to enter the code TPT3 to save an additional percentage off, with a total possible savings of 28%. :)

1 comment:

  1. Hi Casey!

    These centers look great! I will definitely be getting them this afternoon when I do my final sale shopping. There is also a great you tube video called counting with leprechauns that your kids might enjoy.



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